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Fairmount Park Commission

Fairmount Park Street Tree Planting Permit and Maintenance Request Form:

Fairmount Park Recommended Street Trees

FREE Wood Chip Mulch, Compost, and Soil Amendment:
Fairmount Park Recycling Center: 3850 Ford Road, Philadelphia, PA 19131 215-685-0108
Monday-Friday : 7:30AM-3 PM
Saturday: April 2-November 26 7:30AM-11:30 AM You can take away free wood chip mulch and leaf mulch compost. Bring shovel and/or pitchfork and containers. Wood chip mulch is good for topping gardens and tree pits to keep moisture in and as a barrier for weeds. Leaf mulch compost is a good soil amendment, adding nutrients to poor quality soil. Many times you will need to pick some trash out of these free materials.

Philadelphia Water Department Biosolids Recycling Center
7800 Penrose Ferry Road, Philadelphia, PA 19153 phone: 215-685-4065. Open 8am - 4:30pm M - F; open on Saturdays, but call ahead on Friday to make sure. You can take away free Earthmate from the location listed above. Bring shovel and containers. Earthmate is a highly processed screened recycled biosolids compost mixture for use as a soil conditioner. It is not a substitute for soil or mulch. Too rich for one, two light for the other. But it is an excellent soil additive to mix in.

PA One Call System - Underground Utility Line Locating Service

Soil Testing
Pennsylvania residents can follow instructions on Penn State's Cooperative Extension site:
Or send for a soil test kit from the local county office: send a $10 check to Penn State Cooperative Extension, 4601 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19139 : 215-471-2201 (ext. 100)

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